What’s My Role or How Does Your Group Work Together

written by: D3rpyD3rp

When it comes to role playing games all but the most green adventurers understand the roles the party is meant to play.  The Wizard blows things up, the Bounty Hunter can shoot the wings off a fly at 100 paces, the Cleric puts your arms back on, and the Slicer can break any security system.  However, even the most cohesive party will fall apart if you don’t take care of the Meta Party; the players themselves.

Instead of tossing fireballs at their enemies, the Sorcerer is instead tossing a bag of chips to the Rogue.  The Paladin doesn’t step aside to duel the ogre warlord, but instead steps out to order pizza for the team. The all powerful DM can incinerate the party with a beholder at any time, but around the table they can’t get rid of problem players so easily.  When the Big Bad is defeated and the world is saved, relationships between the players remain.  

Luckily, team building among the Meta Party is as easy, if not easier than, any party you create in the game.  Svedna and Dark Wolf are creating chemistry by working together to kill hordes of goblins. Steve and Diane, their players, are creating chemistry by playing at killing goblins, while also sharing goofy memes while it’s Marco’s turn.  

Having a good report for your Meta Party is essential in all games and systems.  If your Meta Party has fun when they get together, it doesn’t matter if you all get eaten by a dragon.  On the flip side, if your Meta Party isn’t getting along or having a bad day, getting a reward of a +3 vorpal sword that transforms into a unicorn steed isn’t going to bring any smiles or sense of accomplishment.  

Some of you might be thinking “Well who would be crazy enough to play these games with people that aren’t my good friends?”  Lots of people do! Perhaps it’s a sanctioned Adventurer’s League game you decide to drop in on at a game store, or a game you found online and got permission to join.  Maybe your group is made up of casual acquaintances, or Sophie brought in her girlfriend to join the campaign. Even if your Meta Party consists of your 5 best friends, you’re in this together, and all of you need to work together both in and out of the game.  

You don’t need to be blowing up a space station together just to treat your fellow players with respect.  Being a decent person is free, and when you do your best to make your Meta Party feeling good, your adventuring party will operate that much better.

…even if they are getting eaten alive by wargs.

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