Player Classes


These lessons are for the person that wants to participate in the adventure, to create and breathe life into a brand new character, or perfect an existing one. These classes are for someone that is trying to play a pen and paper role playing game for the first time or trying out a new system.


As a player the books can be daunting, creating a character is complicated and playing it can be challenging. These classes are designed to help you master the creating and playing characters in a pen and paper roleplaying game.

Character creation is more than just filling out numbers. The concept of a character can be a challenge to tackle when you don’t know what options you have. Once you have a character concept, you know who you want to be, how do you translate that into the raw numbers of the game. And for more advanced character creation, what do you do if you want to play a character that doesn’t fit neatly into parameters that the roleplaying game you are playing in have given you.

Once a character has been made you have to be able to play them. How does your character walk through a door work, or even look like in the game? How does combat work? How are you going to seduce that Orc?? All these questions and more can be answered.


It is very doable to teaching yourself  how to make a character  or to play a pen and paper role playing game. I taught myself the basics of how to play the game when I first began. However, having a mentor with almost 2 decades of experience can make the whole process much quicker and smoother. In the same way that you could teach yourself how to play an instrument but it is a much easier to go to a tutor to teach you how to play the instrument, so too can I help you through the learning process. Pen and Paper role playing games can be quite complicated and I will be there to answer your questions, give suggestions for readings or things to practice as well as help you answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask.


For our comfort, classes will be held at a game store, restaurant or coffee shop in the greater Seattle area (favoring the East side; Kirkland, Kenmore, Bothell). Places like Zulu’s Board Game Cafe or Mox Boarding House are ideal.

For those that don’t live in Western Washington, video chat is a great way to get the gaming education you desire without leaving the comfort of your home.


As I do still have a regular full time job, classes are held after 5 PM PST and are concluded before 10 PM PST on weekdays. Weekends are up for negotiation.

How Long

Some information can be conveyed in a single session. Things like making your first character, story brainstorming for a new campaign, or things like a Q and A session don’t take more than a single session. Role Playing games are complex and there is a lot to lean and even more to learn to master. Continuous sessions are designed to address challenges and educate in a way that can only be achieved by having multiple sessions.