Character Creation

Group Size: 5 – 30

Duration: 30 – 60 min

Materials: Character Sheets and a TV or projector to show a PowerPoint

Prep Time: 15 min

Goal: Create a playable character

Description: This class is geared toward players that have not yet made a character or have questions about the process. The class breaks down the character creation process by addressing each section of the character sheet. It guides players through each line of the character sheet, additional resources to use during character creation, why each section is important and examples of when it will be used during a real game. An accompanying PowerPoint will help players visualize the information, simplifying the dense collection of numbers on a character sheet.

The class is designed to help players make decisions on building characters and it is assumed that the players have access to the core rule book for the game. This class will cover the concepts at a high level; a deeper dive will require a smaller class size.

This class is the first step in the new player’s journey. After creating their character a One Shot game is a great way to try out the mechanics of the game.