Nerdy Ice Cream Social

Group Size: 5 – 40

Duration: 60 – 120 min

Materials: envelopes, ice cream tokens, voting tokens, name tags, participant quests (optional: surveys, promotional materials)

Setup Time: 45 min

Goal: Make new friends, learn about the gaming community

Description: Choosing what events to host or what games people are interest in playing can be a challenge when gamers are approached individually. The nerdy ice cream social is meant to do all of these things and build the gaming community.

Participants are given an envelope as they enter the event. The packet will contain a token for complementary ice cream.The name tag included in participants’ packets to make meeting and greeting other players easier. The packet also contain a survey and any other promotional materials that the hosting business would like to include.

The packet also contains a quest. This is a simple task that promotes participant interaction with each other and/or the 4th Level Games educators to foster interaction between participants or allow quest goers to earn prizes.

The final object in the packet is a voting token. The vote can be on what game the community would like to have a character creation event or a one shot weekend for. It could also be what special topics the community would like to have a class on.The ice cream social is ultimately an information gathering and community building event.