One Shot

Group Size: 5 – 10

Duration: 2 – 5 hours

Materials: Character Sheets and a table for the participants to sit around

Setup Time: 30 min

Goal: Start and finish one roleplaying session

Description: A one shot game is a self-contained adventure designed to be played over the course of one session. This offers players and game masters alike a chance to get a taste for how the game is played in a low-stakes environment.

For groups without a game master, a 4th Level Games educator will run the game. In this case, pre-made characters and the adventure can be provided. This is a great opportunity for new players to try out a character that they have made in the character creation class or play for the first time.

For groups with a new game master, a 4th Level Games educator is available to help the game master with questions about rules, to play a character to help guide the other players by example, chat with players to give the game master time to look something up or collect their thoughts, or whatever else the new game master might need.

Whether it is a new group or veteran players looking to get a quick game in, this is also a great opportunity to play a game with a group to see how the players and game master play together. A one-shot session is a great way to test a group dynamic before committing to a complete campaign.