Special Topic Lecture/Q&A

Group Size: 5 – 40

Duration: 60 – 75 min

Materials: Handouts

Setup Time: 15 min

Goal: Learn about a special topic and have questions answered

Description: The special topic lecture is a class that covers a specific gaming concept. This can range from topics like adding depth to your character, creating and running your first campaign, balancing homebrew rules and any other gaming subject. The topic can be determined by whoever is hosting the event, the 4th Level Games educator or decided on by the community attending a Nerdy Ice Cream Social.

These lectures conventionally take place in two parts. The first is a prepared talk about the chosen special topic. This will introduce the concept and why it is relevant to gamers, as well as articulate the tools that the class will give gamers to put into their RPG toolkit.

The second part of the class is a question and answer segment. Participants can ask questions to expand their understanding of the topic. Participants may decide that a Q&A where they can address a wide variety of topics is beneficial, in which case the lecture portion can be skipped in favor of a longer Q&A.